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Induce childbirth (yourself)

You have passed 40 weeks of pregnancy, the due date seems like an eternity ago. Maybe you still feel fit and you think it’s cozy, your little one so warm in your belly. Meanwhile, your phone is overflowing with sweet intended apps (“And and and!?”). You probably totter like a penguin and break out in a sweat just thinking about a walk to the appie. But of course you are also very curious about that mini-human in your belly! It is also not surprising if it is now a bit more difficult to keep a positive mindset. How are you holding up this last period? And what if you pass 42 weeks? And finally: what tricks can you use to induce labour?

The art of relaxation

Inducing labor is only possible through rest. To get your body into the right flow during that last period of pregnancy, it is important that you relax. Then the parasympathetic part of the nervous system becomes active. Your heart rate is somewhat lower, more oxygen-rich blood goes to your uterus and your body produces the hormones oxytocin and endorphins. And that is exactly what you need to prepare your body for childbirth. Let me explain this: When you are stressed, the sympathetic part of the nervous system is activated. Your body produces adrenaline and sends more oxygenated blood to your extremities. We call this the ‘fight or flight mode’, a legacy of our early ancestors. If you’re about to give birth, you’ll want to avoid that mode. So relaxing is the most important. That’s easier said than done, which is why you need to learn the art of relaxation. Be the first to realize that you can and can relax, so take advantage of this period! He is for you. Even if you think that an errand or some work is going well, make sure to relax. Empty your calendar and get a massage. Go floating or walk in the woods. Listen to a podcast or beautiful visualizations. And take naps during the day! Trust me, do it! You can only induce labor if you take enough rest.

Foot reflexology massage

Inducing childbirth can also be done by means of a foot reflexology massage. You have a number of pressure points in your body that could potentially induce contractions, including in your feet. You can therefore induce childbirth by means of a foot reflex massage. Book a foot reflex massage somewhere near you. If you want to work at home, or if you want to put your partner to work, you can massage the feet on the inside, about 2 cm below and behind your ankle. In addition to stimulating the pressure points, it is also great for relaxation. So whether it induces contractions or not, this is great anyway.

Dancing, moving, walking

Exercise is always good, both during pregnancy and during childbirth. During labour, exercise can even make labor go faster. To induce labor, go for a walk, cycle or put on some feel-good music and go dancing. Also very good for the happiness hormones!

Sex? Now?

Sex may not be the first thing that comes to mind in late pregnancy, but it just might trigger labor. Sperm contains the hormone prostaglandin, which softens the cervix and can induce contractions. It is important that you do not have sex with broken membranes, or at least do not insert anything into your vagina. A female orgasm also causes uterine contractions, which may be just that last push to induce labor.

Nipple massage

An important hormone is therefore oxytocin. It not only causes uterine contractions but also milk production. As your body is getting ready to breastfeed, it will produce oxytocin when the nipples are massaged or stimulated. So you can also try.


No, don’t put Marvin Gaye on and undress. I really mean something else. Stripping is in this case done by the obstetrician and means loosening the amniotic membranes that are stuck to the uterine wall. The obstetrician can do this by means of a vaginal toucher in which she loosens the membranes with her fingers through the cervix between the membranes and the uterine wall. This is only possible if the cervix is ​​slightly open. Stripping is usually done after 41 weeks and is a very effective method of inducing labour.

To wait or to initiate?

It is best if labor starts on its own. When your body initiates it itself, it follows the natural path, which reduces the risk of complications. When you initiate labour, your body is not quite ready for it. The chance of medical interventions is then greater. Think of administering extra oxytocin or pain relief and possibly eventually an artificial remission. If there is no medical reason to induce labour, it is often best to wait and see. So make sure you can flip that switch and be patient. Try to enjoy those movements in your stomach, provide distraction, positive energy and let yourself be pampered a little. This is the time to be kind to yourself.

41 and 42 weeks and no baby yet

In the Netherlands, a large study (Index-trial) has been conducted into the results of induction at 41 weeks or waiting until 42 weeks. In this study of 1800 pregnant women with an uncomplicated pregnancy, hardly any difference was found between the two groups. What can you expect in these last days of pregnancy? In the 41st week an ultrasound will be made, which will look at the placenta, the amniotic fluid and the condition of the baby. If everything looks good and there is therefore no medical reason to induce labour, you can choose the next step: wait and see or induce labour. It is important that you know what the advantages and disadvantages of induction are and that you can make a well-informed decision. The midwife will often advise you to strip and follow the other tips described above to maximize the chance that your body will give birth on its own.

From 42 weeks it is often decided, in consultation with you, that an introduction is best. Good to know is that this is not mandatory. Does this not feel like the right choice for you and is there no medical need for induction? Then discuss it with your healthcare provider. If an induction is nevertheless decided on, this means that the birth will take place in the hospital under the supervision of the hospital’s obstetrician or gynaecologist.

Let’s be positive: at the end of this ride you will have a beautiful baby in your arms. Think about that, believe in yourself, trust your body and know that there is a power within you that you may not have even felt. And relax. Relax during your leave, during those last stretches, but also relax during pregnancy. you got this!

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