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The key to a positive birth experience:

Being pregnant can be quite overwhelming. In addition to your body working hard making a baby, all sorts of things need to be taken care of. That nursery will eventually be finished, it’s much more important that you will look back on a positive birth experience. You’ll get the best results if you are well prepared. Then you can look forward to the arrival of your little one with confidence, knowledge and the right tools.

This is what Mom & co’s pregnancy course is: a fun, complete pregnancy course full of tools that gives you the foundation to fully use your power to create that positive experience! 

“By midwives,
with humor and hypnobirthing elements.”

Our pregnancy courses are given by midwives and experienced birth workers, and we use hypnobirthing and mindfulness elements to create that positive mindset.

In addition to lots of practical information and a boost in your mindset, we also give youwonderful tools such as breathing and relaxation techniques. All this, so you can be the best version of yourself, gain confidence and support your body as best you can during labor. With by your side a strong (birth)partner who knows what he or she can do.

And what if the delivery goes differently than expected? What does a medical indication mean and how can you create a positive experience even then? We don’t know how the process of birth goes, but you have a great influence on how you deal with everything that happens.

The 3 key ingredients of Mom & co

Taking charge together, to feel your power and create a positive birth experience - with every scenario!

All courses are developed and taught by midwives and experienced birth-workers.

A complete pregnancy course with theory, physiological info as well as all kinds of hypnobirthing and mindfulness tools.

Our group courses

Live group courses on location.

The 4-week pregnancy course

Mom & co’s ultimate and most comprehensive pregnancy course, where we teach you everything we know. With home assignments, lots of room for questions, and 4 fun meetings, there is a lot to learn, and lots of connection and recognition.

The 2-week pregnancy course

Prepare fully for birth with 2 comprehensive sessions and assignments for “date nights” at home. The 2-week pregnancy course is a complete but slightly focused course.

The 1-day pregnancy course (including lunch)

In one day, but with the same content line as Mom & co’s other courses, the 1 day pregnancy course is a real crash course. Together with other couples 1 day of “deep-diving” and really switching the baby mode on. Includes fun and healthy lunch!

The private pregnancy course

In the comfort of your own home, one of our midwives will visit you, to provide a three-hour “tailor-made” session that you have prepared together in advance, to address your specific needs and questions.

What do our participants say?

Our online courses

In addition to on-site group courses, we also have online pregnancy courses.
Check out the offerings below:

The Online Pregnancy Course

Mom & co’s complete pregnancy course. In a personal online environment, to be followed wherever and whenever you want.

A baby…now what?

And then it all really begins. ‘A baby … Now what? is our online course is for the time for when your little one has just arrived. You take this very comprehensive course as early as pregnancy.

Our pregnancy course through the eyes of some fun former students:


Reimbursement from health insurance companies

By the way, did you know that all of Mom & co’s maternity courses are (partially) reimbursed by health insurance companies?

Check your policy to find out what you will be reimbursed for when you take a course with us!

Are you already familiar with our podcasts?

Mom & co is affiliated with 2 podcasts. Aline and René have been making the podcast Breathe In, Breathe Out with Rolien Magendans since 2019. A podcast about the world’s greatest miracle: Birth. And everything comes along; from lightning fast pregnancies and beautiful births, to intense medical stretches and horror deliveries, angles like recovery, exercise, nutrition, fertility, pelvis, sex, relationships and SO much more! There is also the Mom & co podcast. In it, Aline and René take you into the world of birth and young parenthood through birth and maternity stories, and advice from a variety of experts. Below is a playlist of all episodes of both shows. Have fun listening!

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