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A medical birth, how do you stay in control? | Mom & co

A medical birth, how do you stay in control?

What if childbirth goes differently than you expected beforehand? Many people are afraid of losing control in a medical birth, but that doesn’t have to happen at all if you prepare properly.

Watch our video in which Aline gives you some valuable tools to create a positive birth experience. After watching the video, would you like more tools and information in preparation for the arrival of your baby. Then check out our online and offline pregnancy course offerings.

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Birth visualization | Mom & co

A present!

We would like to give you a gift, namely our birth visualization. But first we’ll tell you something about the most important element of the pregnancy course: your mindset. Or rather, a positive mindset.

It is extremely important to create one, for yourself and your partner. You can do this in several ways and visualization is one of them. The idea is simple; think about what the ideal childbirth looks like for you. How will it go, what are the circumstances and how do you feel? Visualization does wonders for your subconscious, because it gets a signal every time you do it, and that’s going to help you when childbirth comes around. Provided, of course, that you send positive signals.

How do you do that, visualize? This can be done in various ways, guided or independently, but now the focus is on birth visualization. Listen to the visualization preferably together with your partner.

When you have done the exercise, you have an image of how you would like the birth to go. Then, with your partner, write down everything you have seen in the visualization. It is important that you ‘write’ it in an active style, so do not think about how you do not want it, but talk in the active form and say how you do want it. This will be the basis for your birth plan.

In our group pregnancy course and our online pregnancy course, we go into detail about what a good birth plan is and why it is important.

Visualize regularly. Think of it as a kind of meditation where you see your story in front of you and you will feel more and more confident towards the birth. The more often you play out the birth in your mind, the more you move your body and mind towards it.

Here are some more tips; How do you want to feel? Powerful or calm, in harmony or in surrender with your body, and realize that you can feel this way in any situation, no matter how the process proceeds.

Curious about our other pregnancy courses? Or do you prefer to fully prepare for the arrival of your baby in your own environment? Then our online pregnancy course might be perfect for you.

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