For all you non-Dutch people, living in the Netherlands or English natives we have two of our courses available.

The 4 weeks course and our complete pregnancy course in an online program.

The pregnancy course from Mom & co is developed by a midwife. It’s a unique combination of medical knowledge, and hypnobirthing and mindfulness elements developed especially for you and your partner. Positivity, trust, and the partner-role are at the core of the course. You learn breathing techniques, about the power of visualization and affirmations and positive birth stories and videos. During the course, we also explain the dutch care system. You will learn to trust your body, to trust in each other and you are given tools to create a birth experience that you can look back on positively, regardless of the course of birth. Whether this is at home, in the hospital, or in a birth center, you are in control.

What can you expect during the 4-week pregnancy course? €399,-

Our 4-week pregnancy course in Amsterdam is a group course that you can now follow together with your partner. It is a complete birth preparation and the material is divided over four evenings of two hours. The great advantage of this 4-week pregnancy course is the four meetings, in which we take you into our midwifery field and the most up-to-date medical knowledge that we fully share with you. This way you can process the information from the first part well at home. In the meantime, you will also receive course material to practice at home, which is also discussed during every evening of the 4-week pregnancy course.

Topics covered in our course are different facets of the delivery, birth stages, anatomy, the partner role, birth plan, medical indications during birth, pain relief, and tools to cope with the birthing pain like breathing techniques, visualizations, affirmations, massage techniques and more.

Giving birth together will thus also be given a clearer shape for partners and you will be well prepared for your birth together.

If you have any questions, take a look at our frequently asked questions or contact us. We are happy to help you!

What can you expect from our online pregnancy course? €199,-

In the Mom & co online pregnancy course (Consisting of English texts, English audio, subtitled videos, and English voiceovers), you will learn everything about the delivery using high-quality videos, audio files, in-depth written text, and assignments. You will work on a positive mindset and become a pro in relaxation. Midwives Aline and Lonneke explain the theory in a fun and active way. They teach you about specific hormones, the nervous system, and of course the different birth stages and anatomy. You will receive tools such as breathing and massage techniques, as well as visualizations and affirmations. And what if things don’t go as planned? And you have to give birth under the supervision of a hospital due to a medical indication? In this course, you learn to move with the flow of the delivery, whether at home or in the hospital. Because we cannot control how delivery goes, but we can influence how you deal with it. That makes this course suitable for everyone, even if you already know that you have to undergo a planned Caesarean section, for example. In those sorts of circumstances, it can be super valuable to have learned the tools we will teach you here!

The Mom & co online pregnancy course is a full pregnancy course with elements of hypnobirthing and mindfulness, but the medical knowledge of the midwives keeps it down to earth and creates the best possible conditions for your little one to arrive.