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Founder Aline Kiers has been working as a midwife since 2010. Although she enjoyed her work all those years, something else was always bubbling up.She was missing something, something bigger When she was introduced to hypnobirthing through her work, she saw the missing link in birth care. She saw what wonders certain elements of hypnobirthing did for the mindset and preparation of the pregnant woman and partner. Aline decided to do a training as a hypnobirthing teacher and started developing her own pregnancy course, where she made the unique combination of hypnobirthing elements with actual medical information from the practice: A little bit best of both worlds. And so, Mom & co was born in 2016. First on a small scale in midwifery practice Amsterdam Zuid in, and now at multiple locations in Amsterdam. In addition to the various group courses, Mom & co developed als two complete online pregnancy courses, Mom & co has grown into a very special team of midwives and assistants. Our mission is to empower and prepare as many couples across the country for the arrival of their baby, well informed and self-directed with confidence and positivity.

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Mom & Co the podcast

In the Dutch Mom & co podcast we take you through a collection of birth stories, advice from experts and all kinds of topics around pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

A sequel and deepening of our previously made and popular podcast: Adem In Adem Uit.

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