2 week

pregnancy course

€ 329,00

The 2-week pregnancy course is similar in content to the 1-day pregnancy course, only the material is spread over two evenings. A big advantage is that between the meetings you already start working with what you have learned and experienced during your date night, after which you can share your findings and questions at the second meeting. 

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2-weekse zwangerschapscursus
With a touch of mindfulness & hypnobirthing
During our 2-week course
we will teach you about the stages of birth and share valuable mental and practical tools to use during labor. You will learn about various hypnobirthing and mindfulness tools such as visualization, affirmation, massage and breathing techniques to approach birth in a relaxed and comfortable way. You’re not only getting guidance and insight into the birth process but also building trust to approach this journey together as a team. Apart from going through an ‘average’ birth, you also get information about what to expect from a medical birth, in case things go differently.
You will learn about the most common medical indications, pain relief and the BRAINS method: a tool to help you make informed decisions throughout the birth process.
We conclude the course with the postpartum period: when you become a family. This is when it all starts! We will go over what to expect in the first weeks after birth, what to focus on, and some dos and don’ts. Our 2-week pregnancy course consists of two interactive, fun and informative three-hour evenings, with tasty snacks and drinks. In addition to the group course, you get unlimited access to our exclusive Mom & co web app
where you can find all the exercises, the course material such as visualizations, affirmations, breathing techniques and assignments for your date nights.
In between our meetings, you can continue to prepare for birth at home by integrating the information you have learned and by becoming more of a team.

The benefits of the 2-week course

  • Be fully prepared for birth in 2 weeks
  • Interactive and fun sessions. 
  • Gain trust and a develop positive mindset
  • Lots of Mom & co hypnobirthing and mindfulness tools
  • Planning to give birth at home or at the hospital, everybody’s welcome!
  • Extensive course materials in our exclusive Mom & co webapp, unlimited access.
  • Ideas for date nights to integrate what you’ve learned and become even more connected as a team
  • direct contact with the midwife/trainer.
  • Conscious, but down to earth, in-depth and in a light-hearted setting
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The benefits of the 2-week course

  • Prepare twice with your partner for the arrival of your baby
  • Opportunity to ask questions about the course material in lesson 2
  • Tips from daily practice
  • Knowledge sharing by our experienced midwives
  • Contact with fellow students during the meetings
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