pregnancy course

€ 299,00

The 1-day pregnancy course in Amsterdam is a complete pregnancy course, but in one day. It is specially designed to get you ready for the birth in one day in a fun way. It is also great for last minute bookings if you do not have time for the 2-week or 4-week pregnancy course, or if you have already done a pregnancy course.

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Autonomy and confidence as a team for you and your partner.
During our 1-day pregnancy course we will teach you about the stages of birth and share valuable mental and practical tools to use in labor.
We will teach you hypnobirthing and mindfulness tools such as visualization, affirmation, massage and breathing techniques, to help you approach birth in a relaxed and comfortable way. You’ll not only gain knowledge and tools to help you navigate the birth process with ease, but you’ll also learn to build trust to do it together as a team. Apart from learning what to expect from an ‘average’ birth, you will also get information about what to expect from a medical birth, in case your birth takes on this path.

You will learn more about the most common medical indications, pain relief options and how to use the BRAINS method: a tool to help you make informed decisions throughout the birth process.
Our 1-day pregnancy course is an interactive, fun and informative day filled with tasty snacks and drinks, shared with people about to experience this new phase of life just like you. After completing the course, you will receive unlimited access to our exclusive Mom & co web app where you can find all the exercises, and course material such as visualizations, affirmations, breathing techniques and assignments for your date nights. After this 1-day course, you can continue to prepare for birth at home by integrating the information you have learned and by becoming more of a team.

The benefits of the 1-day course

  • Be fully prepared for birth in 1 day
  • Interactive and fun day
  • Gain trust and develop a positive mindset
  • Many Mom & co hypnobirthing and mindfulness tools
  • Planning to give birth at home or at the hospital, everybody’s welcome!
  • Extensive course materials in our exclusive Mom & co webapp, unlimited access.
  • Direct contact with the midwife/trainer
  • Suitable to follow later in your pregnancy
  • Conscious, but down to earth, in a light-hearted setting
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The benefits of the 1-day course

  • Fully prepared for childbirth in 1 day.
  • Interactive and fun day.
  • Creating confidence and a positive mindset.
  • Many Mom & co tools interwoven throughout the pregnancy course.
  • Whether you give birth at home or (medically) in the hospital, everyone is welcome!
  • Extensive course materials in our exclusive Mom & co webapp, unlimited access.
  • Personal contact with the midwife trainer.
  • Very good to follow later in the pregnancy. 
  • Conscious, but down to earth, in-depth and with humor.
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